The Wings pull out another one

Posted by oz - January 20, 2012 - Redwings Nation - No Comments

Well last night we saw another Redwing game where they were on the road and ended up getting the win in a shootout against the Phoenix Coyotes. This marks the second road game this week where the wings pulled out a win in a shootout. Besides last night, they also beat the Dallas Stars on Tuesday by a score of 3-2 in a shootout, just like last night. Two wins and two differnt heroes. On Tuesday it was Juri Hudler who managed to score the only wing goal in the shootout, and then again last night there was only one goal scored in the entire shootout and that was from Todd Bertuzzi. Although some of you might not like the fact they are going to overtime to get the win, all I say is at least their winning. Like I mentioned on the new episode on Redwings Nation yesterday they are in the middle of the western conference who has the closest battles in the league. Trust me it is important that the wings are the ones getting the 2pts from their victory rather than one or none.

With that victory the Wings have moved up into first place in the west which is what we are used to, but now the wings need to keep winning. We should know by seeing either Vancouver, Chicago, or Minnesota sitting at No. 1 for the entire season, and all still being in the hunt will still put up a fight for the remainder of the season. So far things are looking good because the wings do have a current three point lead over Vancouver but the fight is far from over…