Lions vs. Packers Game Review

Posted by oz - January 2, 2012 - Brian's Brainstorm, Lions Nation - No Comments

Here are the post game notes and reaction to what took place on Sunday when the Lions took on the Green Bay Packers and loss 45-41.

Matt Flynn- Whether you can believe it or not. Matt Flynn even though he is a back up QB after his performance on Sunday he will definetly be going somwhere esle when it comes time for his contract to be up at the end of the season. Green Bay will lose this guy at the end of the season, if he doesn’t go anywhere and chooses to stay he will not be living up to his potential. And if he doesn’t get any offers than all of the struggling teams out there will continue to be so until the find a guy like him. Besides who else can set a Packer record and not have a name of Farve or Rogers.

Matt Stafford- Still at the end of the year we get yet another great showing from the young man at quarterback for the lions. He went out and completed 61% of his passes and through for 520 yds and set a lions single season quarterback record. I’m not gonna stand here and blame Stafford for not converting on every drive. The man scored 41pts he gave the lions the power to stay in the game and could have easily won but the problem was not the offense.

Lions Defense- Were to begin. There was absolutely no defense playing for the lions. Jim Schwartz said it best in his post game frustration conference. He did not hold anything back telling the media the facts. He explained the defense didn’t cover well, they didn’t play zone well, and so on and so fourth. I think I can speak for Lions Nation when I say I’m right there with ya man. Now that we have to play the hottest team in the league right now for the opening round of the playoffs, the defense must do some soul searching if they want to have any success next Saturday.

Overall- Well simply put this was a truly great day for both offensive squads. However this was not at all a great game for either team’s defense it makes me worry about both teams chances in the post season. Detroit could have easily won that game on Sunday, they just didn’t want it enough. Its hard to believe but it is the truth.