Lions Preview: Week 16 vs San Diego

Posted by oz - December 23, 2011 - Brian's Brainstorm, Lions Nation - No Comments

Here are what should be the keys to the game this weekend. As the Detroit Lions take on a surging San Diego Chargers.

1. Lions Secondary- lets face it, lately the lions backfield on the defensive side has been absolutley drained as far as talent goes. Currently they are still without CB Eric Wright (hamstring), CB Aaron Berry (shoulder), FS Louis Delmas (knee), and LB Justin Durant (hamstring).  Thank god that CB Chris Houston came back to the team, granted they have been able to hang on to get wins the last two week’s, but this weekend they are going up against a surging chargers team who has been putting all the dots together towards the end of the season and are actually in the talks for taking the AFC west division title. This is of coarse depends on whether or not Tim Tebow and the Broncos fall completely apart. The Chargers come into Detroit averaging 25.2 PPG, having won three of their last four including last week. Picking up a hugh upset win over the Baltimore Ravens who were thought to be the best in the AFC. They also come in with the sixth best passing offense in the league, so this indeed raises concerns for how their secondary will hold up against the Phillip Rivers.

2. Offensive Focus- This team does indeed have a lot of pressure riding on this game on Christmas eve. It will be a home game for the Lions, even though looking at their home record you wouldn’t really think it was that much of an advantage. However looking at how the team has definitely worked on its discipline level since the mental destruction that happened a couple of weeks ago on SNF vs. the Saints. They will defiantly need to have complete focus with the high intensity that will be in this game including a chance to clinch a playoff spot for the first time since 1999.

3. Discipline- Like we just mentioned the Lions have indeed worked on their discipline since they played in front of the country against the saints. However last week they still took nine penalties which is still more than most could stand but at least they all happened in between the whistles rather than after them. Still the point is, we have seen how the lions have not been able to handle themselves in the spotlight, but they absolutely need to play composed this weekend in every shape and form.

4. Calvin Johnson- Now more than ever the lions need mega-tron to come through for them. Even when you look back at most of the lions losses you can still see the star of the team is usually our #81. Believe it or not the lions are going to be facing the sixth best passing defense in the league at ford field on Saturday, so his performance is vital.

5. Kevin Smith- Out of all the weeks we need a run game to come together for the Lions its this week. Granted I’m not for getting Kevin Smith to play to hard so he chances aggrivating his injury. A part of me understands that he might need to rest for the playoffs, But if he doesn’t play and the lions have no running game and they end up losing they will have to rely on fate to determine their playoff entry. I don’t know about all of you but I really don’t want that. Kevin Smith should play most of the game if he can, if the lions can put together a running game against the 21st ranked run defense in San Diego, Detroit’s win chances will indeed go up greatly.

These are some of the factors that I believe will play into the Lions chances to beat the Chargers tomorrow at ford field for the last home game of the year. If you’re not going to the game you can watch it on CBS at 4:05 pm. My prediction is the Lions will win against the Chargers 34-28.