Lions Game Preview: Week 17 vs. Green Bay

Posted by oz - December 30, 2011 - Brian's Brainstorm, Lions Nation, News - No Comments

Here are the key things to watch out for this Sunday when the Lions take on the Green Bay Packers.

1. Packers home field advantage- After defeating the Chicago Bears on Christmas night the packers have rapped up the No. 1 seed for the playoffs and will play with home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Therefore you can beat that the packers are going to be resting their starters for most if not the entire game. I’m sure they will have all of them (especially Aaron Rogers) start the game but soon after they will begin taking them out and letting the second and third strings take the rest of the game. The Lions have the opportunity to walk into Lambeau and get their first win in 20 years , and personally I think that would be just as exciting as making the playoffs. Even if it means the packers are resting their team. The Lions have a great opportunity to get one more win and solidify a No. 5 seed and get to play the winner of Dallas vs NYG.

2. Lions Resting too? – The big question from the Lions side is are they going to rest their starters like the packers are. Granted, I would really love to see the lions get the win on Sunday, although with their being mostly injured or partially injured, I would understand if they chose to rest most of their starters on both sides of the ball. Although I do believe that this game is more important than what it seems because, all they have to do is win and they are guarenteed to play either Dallas or the New York Giants. Both teams I would be very excited to play in the first round since both have worse records than the lions do. Whatever their decision I will accept and see where they are coming from. But I hope they go for the win.

3. Prediction- Like I said on the show yesterday I think the Lions are indeed going to go for that win and beat the pack on Sunday by a score of 24-17 at Lambeau and will solidify the No. 5 seed. Remember the game is on this Sunday at 1:00pm EST on FOX ….. GO LIONS!!!