Detroit Lions 2012 Wild Card Hot List

Posted by oz - January 9, 2012 - Brian's Brainstorm, Lions Nation - No Comments

Here’s a look at what was both HOT and what was NOT in their first ever playoff appearance since 1999 they experienced on Saturday night when they took to the Super-Dome to play the New Orleans Saints.

What Was Hot:

Matthew Stafford- like most of us should have expected our quarterback came through once again. He performed with great number once again completing 28 of 43 passes (that’s 65%) not really much more you can ask for in an environment like he was in and the team who he was playing. He threw for 3 Touchdowns and had two interceptions on the night but those were well late in the game. I believe he played to the best of his abilites and did all he could to keep the lions in the game for as long as he did.

Calvin Johnson- Of coarse we cannot mention Matt Stafford without also talking about star wide receiver Calvin Johnson. On Saturday he had 12 receptions for a total of 211 yards, and two touchdowns. This guy is the franchise player. I do recall Chris Collingsworth saying something on Saturday night how he doesn’t know of anyone on the planet who can stop CJ. He is right I really don’t think anyone can, he comes through almost 99.9% of the time. He like Stafford did all he could to keep the lions in the game on Saturday considering the circumstances.

Offensive Effort Overall – They did not disappoint. I predicted them to score almost every time they had the ball, and they almost did. Early on in the game it really did look like it was just gonna be the last team with the ball would win the game. It didn’t exactly turn out that way but they did score 28 points against one of the best teams in the league right now and were in serious contention for this game at least through three quarters. It was disappointing in a way to see them lose but the reason was not on the offensive side of the ball.

What Was NOT:

Lions Defense Overall- Lets just be honest. The lions defense played awful on Saturday, why? you ask? There is no other explanation than POOR TACKLING. That’s it, really that was the most destructive thing about their play against the Saints. They had at least two key opportunities to stop the saints and both were from 10 yd territory. All because of poor tackling. Plus the saints were going for it on fourth down and they NEVER punted the entire game. Bottom line the Lions couldn’t stop a thing from Drew Brees & company.

Officiating- This is only a small complaint on my part. I only raise the issue with how late in the game there two plays that involved the Saints getting generous spots when replay showed they actually didn’t get first downs on those plays. However the most ridiculus of the night was when the lions Justin Durant had recoverd a fumble (one of few defensive highlights) and could have easily took it back for a touchdown, but the play was blown dead because one official though it was an icomplete pass. (seems its always the lions..) Also they made a ridiculous call for unnecessary roughness when all that was done was the lions defender happened to put a hand on the saints receiver in MID-AIR. Chris Collingsworth laughed during the broadcast and said he wishes he could play in this league because of how liberal these calls are getting. I’m not saying this cost the lions the game by any means but I just wish that I could come away for an entire season without thinking there is something fishy about the calls.